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    April 18, 2013
    7:00 - 9:00am PDT  

for 2 years with qualifying bundles. rethink possible. i can't hear. >> some devastation in a small town in texas near waco. following the disastrous explosion that happened at a fertilizer plant. >> reporter: a bomb scare
changes the plan for the 1906 commemoration ceremony. we'll tell you what the police chief is saying about a suspicious package. >> could be a major break in the boston marathon bombing case. >> also a bold smash and grab robbery happened at a popular bay area mall. mornings on 2 continues right now. >> complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is ktvu mornings on 2. >> good morning. welcome to mornings on 2. i'm dave clark. >> i'm pam cook. it is thursday morning april 18th. i'm in for tori campbell today. >> we're beginning with developing news from texas. the police are investigating a fertilizer plant explosion. right in the middle of a search and rescue operation. still not sure how many people may still be trapped in the rubble. last night the west fertilizer
company blew up. this is the tiny community of west, texas. 20 miles north of waco. claudine in our news room with new announcement from the police. >> reporter: latest briefing wrapped up. here's what we learned. the fire is still burning at that plant but it is under control. the threat level in terms of another explosion has dropped significantly. there was concern that there could be another blast at that plant. certainly left concern hours ago. >> you okay? >> i can't hear. let's get out of here. please get out of here. >> everyone still trying to deal with the massive damage by the explosion you just watched. 50 to 75 homes and businesses and apartment complex all suffered heavy damage. the latest numbers of injured still stands at more than 160.
the death toll still estimated at 5 to 15. >> one of the missing persons was a firefighter/law enforcement officer. i can tell you that individual has been found. he is in a hospital and he has some pretty serious injuries. i don't know the status whether it's critical, serious or whatever. but i was told he is in the hospital. has pretty serious injuries. there are still firefighters missing. >> police say there has been massive out pours from governor's office to feds and other agencies. in the nearby town of abbot we got this video in. 100 cots have been set up to take care of people who will be left homeless and grief counselors to deal with what's happening. we are also now getting reports of lewding happening in the damaged neighborhoods. >> that is a significant
concern to us. this is a community that we are going to do our absolute best to protect. and if that means offending folks by not letting them come home right away to keep them safe and neighborhood safe, we'll do that and apologize later. >> you are looking at video that was shot overnight. in terms of new pictures, we know the sun has come up now, those are going to be hard to get. police have said that area is still not safe. they don't want anyone in there unless emergency officials or medical personnel. press is being kept out. the focus at this hour remains on rescue. and a lot of damage to cover. reporting live, ktvu channel 2 news. >> more details about the explosion. it was so strong it caused a seismic event. it was a magnitude 2.1.
the burst of energy set off ground waves. stay right here with ktvu channel 2 with continuing coverage of the texas explosion. all updates throughout the morning and claudine will be back with another update next hour. >> san francisco is marking the 107th anniversary of the 1906 earthquake. and how they were affected earlier today. tara. >> reporter: we're here at 20th and church streets. this is where the only fire hydrant in the city was working after the 1906 earthquake struck. the fire chief spray painted the hydrant gold. 80% of san francisco was destroyed that april 18th, 1906. 3,000 people lost their lives. this one hydrant managed to save part of the city. earlier this morning, ceremony was moved to union
square after a bomb square. turned out to be nothing but security found a suspicious package. police closed off all of the streets within a block of the fountain located near kerney, third and gary streets. a man walked up to the area and placed a black bag on the ground and walked away. >> we used a bomb dog and swept the 700 block for the command post and our bomb squad came in, did an inspection. brought out the robot. ended up having to suit up. they looked at the bag and right around 5:00 in the morning determined it was not an explosive device. >> reporter: again, that device was not considered dangerous. folks ended up at union square for the sirens blasting. then they made their way back down to the fountain where the police chief at the top. kind of a chaotic morning. right now everybody is getting ready to
head back down to lefty oduls. this is a car from the early 1900s. and a lot of the folks that come out to the square here near the park are dressed up back from 1906. a lot of firefighters wear the uniforms, police officers wear the uniforms that were popular back then. gives you a sense what it was like back in 1906. channel 2 news. >> we are learning more information this morning about a fatal officer involved shooting. it happened about 9:40 last night on daharo street. police responded to a home after a man called 911 to say he stabbed his brother in law. when police arrived, the man came at him with a hammer and forced to open fire. >> had a hammer in his hand that is on the sidewalk beside where he fell after the officers were forced to shoot him.
>> the suspect died at the hospital. the man who was stabbed is in serious condition. >> time is 7:07. we're following what could be a major break in the boston marathon bombing case. law enforcement agencies are circulating photos of two men with backpacks. seen near the finish sign monday. also a boston tv station obtained other pictures of a man running away from one of the bombsights. his clothing are ripped. and while other people seem dazed and slow to react, this man is moving quickly through the crowd. the man who took these photos has his own theory. >> either he was badly burned and panicked and fleeing or fleeing or some other reason. >> there has been no official confirmation. the fbi scheduled several news conferences throughout the day yesterday but for some unknown reason all of those news conferences were canceled. we have new information on
the 11 year old boy from martinez who was injured. the mother of erin is telling ktvu news her son is recovering. his breathing tube has been removed. she says the next big concern could be possible infection. on monday, erin was waiting for his mother to finish the boston marathon when those bombs went off just a short distance away. >> 7:08 is the time. if you are just joining us 580 is a mess. >> it sure is. the reason we've had an accident out there now for more than an hour. 580. they are trying to clear this truck away. and i don't see it so going to ask news chopper 2, can you show me where the truck is if it's still there. he is panning left. looks like it's just about gone. it's gone. it was towed away. that's great news. in the last few minutes when i looked down,
the struck is cleared. getting ready to open the lanes. i'm afraid the damage is done. 580 is a huge mess as you drive-thru coming through from the pass all the way through at least an hour delay. give yourself plenty of extra time. this back up has been building for the last few hours. let's take a look at the bay bridge toll plaza. that is backed up for 25 to 30 minute delay. if you are driving on interstate 880 southbound to fremont, has been lighter than usual. because of the 580 problem, not all that bad. let's go to steve. >> thank you and a very good morning. not as windy today. no, really. there is a little breeze but some of the higher elevations. at the surface things have calmed down. i think we're due. april's been a windy month. sunshine warmer today. fog, sun, fog. friday, saturday. water temps are
amazingly cold. 46 to 48. even 53 off santa barbara . that is really cold. it does look warmer sunday, monday, tuesday. forecast models have been way too warm. we do have clear skies. fog is lurking to the north. i'll deal with that tomorrow. i'll throw it out there. sunshine, breeze or component of easterly breeze is still in place. high pressure is here for a while. for all intensive purposes, our rain season is probably done. it will be warmer inland and coast will be 60s. santa cruz running warm. san francisco slightly above average at 65. today we'll go 68. easing into this. temperatures not responding. some are. but it's all wind driven so far. high pressure looks like it's going to kick in and lots of sunshine. boy, has that been a powerhouse. severe weather out ahead of it. all the way to the deep south. and backside of that it's really cold. 18 in denver.
flight plans maybe to dallas, st. louis chicago, probably delays. you can see that's a pretty impressive line feeding off and cold air coming in behind. very dynamic. for us, 40s and some 50s. temperature comes up. about 10 degrees cooler today than yesterday. northwest easterly. easterly at oakland. northwest santa rosa. 20s up in the mountains. 39. 40s and 50s. cool air almost down to southern california. but look for sunshine today and a little warmer temps after a cooler morning. there's still a hint of a northerly breeze but not widespread any more. 60s and 70s on the temps. near average to slightly above. we'll hold this theme and watch out for fog. after that it does look sunny and warmer sunday/monday. >> time now 7:12. president obama lashed out at senators who voted against new gun control legislation. >> because the american people are trying to figure out how can
something have 90% support and not have it. >> washington insider weighs in on whether another push for tougher gun laws is likely. >> plus, the big reward being offered in the search for a missing hayward man. ñç
a little cooler this morning. not as much of a breeze thankfully. sunny today. warmer. 60s and 70s. things look to be quieter today than the past couple days. >> time now 7:15. happening right now president obama and first lady michelle obama have arrived in boston. these are live pictures. they are arriving now. the president and first lady will be in boston attending inter faith prayer service in honor of those injured and killed in the boston bombings. focused on where air
force one. we know air force one is down on the ground. the president will be speaking at the service. we wanted to take you live to boston's airport to let you know the president is in the area. we'll keep you posted. >> the president focused on boston today. but yesterday it was on gun control. he did not get what he wanted from the senate yesterday in their gun control vote. the president calls the senate vote against gun control legislation shameful and he's not giving up. >> we can still bring about meaningful changes that reduce fun violence so long as the american people don't give up on it. >> political reporter jamie dupree joins us via skype from washington d.c. to talk about it. i have to say i was listening to the president at first on the radio. and you could hear in his voice he's angry about this. >> certainly. there was a tone of anger frustration, bitterness about the senate not approving any. ever since the newtown,
connecticut shootings, over and over again to call for action in the congress on the issue of background checks for gun sales and assault weapons ban. one by one those went down without much of a fight. the closest was on the background check. within five votes. but they weren't able to get over the hump. four red state democrats who reduced to vote for the plan. so you did have a few democrats breaking. you heard the president say we're not going to give up. but as early as today, we're thinking up here in the senate democrats could pull this gun control bill off and move on to other issues and decide to see if they can revisit it later. >> that's surprising since it's such a hot topic and some of the families affected at sandy hook
were there. you heard yelling and outrage. you think this is going to be then set off the table for a little bit? >> yeah, looks like it's going to be shelved. one thing that has not changed, a lot of the families have gotten involved and a lot of others. the political dynamic of gun control has not. i remember in the late 80s and early 90s when gun control activists held the advantage. ever since the 1994 elections when democrats pushed to approve an assault weapon's ban and that cost them a number of seats, they've shied away from gun control. this is the first time the obama administration got into this legislative fight and maybe underestimated how difficult it would be to get congress to change. even in a body that is controlled by the democrats. there is a working majority in favor of gun control.
>> do you think -- i heard the president specifically call for a more organized efrl on the other side of the issue. do you think that might be happening as well a little bit more? >> sure. you might see ofa, the group that wants to support the president. they might get more involved and democratic law makers want to do more. gun right supporters have a pretty big foothold inside the democratic party especially in the senate. senators in california, senators are a little different than have much more rural areas and push on the gun control issue. you look at the senators from alaska and montana and arkansas, north dakota yesterday that deserted the president on the gun control votes. those are not easy areas to sell as i was talking with somebody the other day. the idea of them coming out one week voting in favor of gun control the next and immaterial bracing immigration reform the week after that. that is not a
recipe for victory for some of the democrats in red states. >> very interesting. they have a lot of hot issues on the table. jamie dupree , thank you so much for your insight. and you can find a link to jamie's washington insider blog on our web site. pull down the news menu bar and go to our politics page. >> 7:20. new this morning. north korea is laying out new demands in order to resume talks about nuke year program. -- nuclear program. and the end of military drills by the united states and south korea. in addition, the statement says u.s. and south korea should apologize for what they are calling provocative acts against north korea. south korea's foreign ministry calls demands from north korea illogical. a federal judge says wrong full death and liability lawsuits can proceed against a company that owns that colorado
movie theater where 12 people were shot to death last summer. the judge ruled they could potentially be found liable for damages under a colorado law that holds land owners responsible for activities on their property. several losses have been filed over that july 20th mass shooting. the lawsuits claim they were aware of previous crimes and failed to provide adequate security. 46-year-old kim williams facing capitol murder charges of the deaths of a district attorney, his wife and assistant prosecute for. williams is the wife of a former texas justice of the peace. according to the arrest warrant, she implicated her husband, calling him the trigger man. her bail is now set at $10 million. >> this morning, we just received new information about the court appearance involving a man accused of kidnapping and killing sierra lamar. in the past ten minutes, the clerk
reported antolin garcia-torres waved right to appear. supposed to enter a plea two weeks ago but postponed because of technical problems of evidence. sierra lamar was last seen leaving her home more than a year ago. a $10,000 reward is being offered to help find a missing man from hayward. the disappearance of nigel jay is suspicious and may be the victim of foul play. last seen in downtown oakland 11 days ago. his cell phone has not been used since and no activity in bank account. >> time now 7:22. we do expect more sunshine for you today. look outside our window. this is a clear thursday morning. meteorologist steve paulson is coming back and tell you about a
warming trend and the windy conditions will stick around. >> something new in a city on the san mateo county coast. what drivers will see. >> good morning.
welcome back. time now 7:24. parking meters are finally coming to the city of pacifica. approved a plan to begin paid parking for the first time ever in that city on the coast. the beach parking lot and the parking outside the community center, they will have digital pay stations. the parking meter charges begin july 12th. it may look like a parking lot on parts of 580 today. some major traffic problems. sal, you are all over this. what's the latest on that situation? sal's not there yet. he'll be here in a minute. there you are. you are trying to get the
latest. >> let's recreate that. >> sal, we'll be walking on just like that. >> uh-huh, you see. good morning, everybody. you know what, today has not been a good day for the 580 commute. i want to show you pictures taken earlier. in case you are just waking up, this truck was there seriously for about two hours. westbound 580 before the 680 inter change. and that was just cleared moments ago. can you imagine? two hours to have two lanes blocked on 580. it is backed up well back to the pass. people are having a bad day on 580 to say the least. truck sustained major damage and that's why it took so long to clear it. live picture of the bay bridge toll plaza. 25 to 30 minute delay before you get on to the bridge. slow traffic this morning. a lot of people having trouble getting through. the time between 238 is up to 23 minutes.
let's go to steve. >> thank you, sir. 41 in santa rosa. much cooler this morning. it will be sunny today. just easing on the warmup. the wind has tailed off. higher elevations, coast. napa has a breeze. fairfield, 45. yesterday at this time , 55. san francisco, oakland 48. speaking of san francisco, we'll go 68 for a high today. three warmer than yesterday. lots of sunshine. although i think fog will be back tomorrow. we're losing the breeze but it will be sunny today and warmer. still a component of easterly breeze for some. it's northwest parts of the north bay. things are turning here. 60s and 70s. keep it there for a couple days. there are signs for a warmup sunday/monday. >> 7:27. witnesses compare to the oklahoma city bombing. the devastation in the small texas town this morning.
the continuing search for survivors of massive explosion. >> reporter: the sharks will be playing tonight. we'll tell you what police are doing different around the arena in light of what's happened in boston. >> reporter: we're live where three men robbed this macy's. we'll give you the latest on who police are looking for as mornings on 2 continues. when i take a picture of this check, it goes straight to the bank. oh. oh look the lion is out! no mommy no!
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welcome back to mornings on 2. it is the developing news from texas that we have been following since 4:30 this morning. a fertilizer plant near waco caught fire and blew up. sent a fire ball into the sky a huge explosion. at last word five people confirmed dead. could be 15 or even more. 160 others injured with several firefighters still missing. >> the plant was on fire when a couple taking pictures captured that last on their cell phone. the explosion leveled buildings throughout the city of west, texas. a school, a nursing home and 60 homes were all damaged severely. so far investigators
have found no evidence the fire was intentionally set. president obama offered prayers to victims in the aftermath. >> time is now 7:31. happening now, president obama and the first lady just arrived in boston. they are there to pay tribute to the victims of the boston marathon bombings. >> reporter: dave, president obama and the first lady are expected to arrive here in the next few minutes. thousands of people are here to see them. there is not enough room for everyone inside the cathedral. it holds about 2,000 people. there are thousands of people waiting outside to take part in this day of faith and remembrance. inside the church friends and family of victims of the blast. about 1,000 seats were
given to the general public to get inside. folks waited in line. we talked to some who stayed overnight and took buses from other states to get here. we met several bay area residents currently college students. >> everyone knows boston university grad student who was killed and we're here to remember and honor her as well. >> how has this affected you? >> it's been crazy. never seen anything like this in my life. i went up to the barricade yesterday and as soon as i saw the flowers i just started crying. there was nothing i could do to hold it back. so beautiful everyone has come together as a community and entire nation. >> we want to get back to the investigation. there are pictures of two men with backpacks being circulated to law enforcement agencies. these men were spotted near the finish line. look at these pictures. this is a man running away from
one of the bombsights. he is moving quickly through the crowd while others are slow to react and look dazed. officially the fbi is not confirming these new developments in this case. we are expecting to hear from them later this morning. right now the focus is here at the church. the focus is on the president who will be speaking and making remarks to comfort a country and city that has been rocked by the deadly violence on monday. reporting live, ktvu channel 2 news. >> the boston marathon bombings have led to extra security particularly at sporting events. in san jose where security will be extra tight at tonight's shark's game. >> that's right. and that's a precaution they have been taking all week. the sharks are playing the minnesota wild tonight at 7:30. thousands of
people are expected to come into the arena. and in light of what's happened in boston, police are taking extra protective measures. there will be increase in the number of uniform police officers inside and outside the arena. the k-9 unit will be doing a bomb sweep. these actions are not related to any specific threat to the city. they are just taking precautionary measures because of the bombings in boston. we asked local residents about their thoughts on the increased patrol. >> i think the response is warranted. i think a lot of people are worried about the things that are going on. there should be heightened security but don't think there should be a sense of fear. >> reporter: police are continuing to monitor the events in boston as well as in santa clara county. they have taken steps to ensure the 9-11 system remains operational. and directed to do patrol checks of
infrastructure and look for any suspicious activity. back out here live, you are looking at live picture of the american flag there flying at half staff. of course to honor the victims of the boston marathon. we have reached out to the staff here of the san jose sharks and left messages to get a reaction of the security measures and not heard back yet. if we do, bring that to you in the next hour. reporting live, ktvu channel 2 news. >> also this morning, police are searching for three suspects accused of smashing a counter at a macy's and stealing jewelry. brian flores is on the story this morning and explains what the thieves got away with. >> pretty quiet here this morning in front of the sun valley mall. that was not the case last night. a police presence here as three men
entered the macy's and broke into jewelry cases and robbed the store of several pieces of jewelry. this happened after 9:00 last night. it's being reported concord police originally responded here after hearing reports of shots fired. when they arrived they saw broken jewelry cases in the store. it's unclear how much jewelry was taken. also we don't have a clear description of the suspects. only it was three men wearing jackets or hoods on their heads. they also took off in a tan toyota camera which police say was found in pleasant hill. the three criminals may have ditched the camry and picked up by another car. police don't have a description of that vehicle. one man had a handgun but no shots were fired. this is not the only time the mall has been targeted. we reported back in december of an incident of a woman robbed near the parking lot. we talked with a nearby resident who says he's fed up with all the robberies in the
area. >> people stealing iphones you are on the bart train and people steal iphones. it's getting worse and worse. it's just not right. we need to get back to center. >> reporter: back to last night's incident, police say they saw the men head north on contracosta boulevard. we have several calls into concord police as well as mall management. witness we hear back, bring you an update on mornings on 2. brian flores, ktvu, channel 2 news. >> time now 7:38. there's been a lot happening in our morning commute. sal, you are watching the entire bay area. >> things are getting busy everywhere. northbound 280 we're going to start in santa clara county. up to highway 17, slow traffic on 280 and 101. 280, the santa clara value is not immune. bay bridge toll plaza 30 minute delay before you make it on to the bridge.
and once you do, it's okay into san francisco. the big story in the morning has been to livermore valley. 580 westbound at 680. the crash is still there but the traffic, boy, it's 129 minutes from grant line to 680. i don't think i've ever seen that number. that's more than two hours to drive that stretch. give yourself plenty of extra time. now to steve. >> thank you, sal. beautiful but cooler morning here. the wind has finally tailed off. still a couple breezes but nothing compared to the past couple mornings. it was kind of crazy, ridiculous. things are calming down. lots of sunshine. a little northerly breeze . south or easterly breeze. it will be warmer today by default. we're starting off with 40s and 50s. 52. santa rosa, 41. things will be calming down.
big whopper of a system going into the plains. for us sunny and warmer. northerly breeze, temperatures coming up a bit. forecast tools we use have been way too warm on these projected highs. 60s and 70s on the temps. does look like fog will inch its way back to the coast. after that warmer weather. pamela. >> thank you, steven. 7:39 is the time. overnight fire guts an east bay home. what firefighters are saying about that fire. president obama is in boston this morning to attend a prayer service for the victims of the boston bombings. the increased security in place in wake of what happened in boston.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. time now is 7:42. the death stole stand s at three in the boston marathon bombings. 14 people remain in critical condition. doctors expect all of those people to survive. dozens of people have been released. some of those victims are describing the serious injuries they suffered in the explosion. >> nails. my friend had 70 nails in his leg. >> 70 nails? >> 70 nails. there is still one in my neck. doctors couldn't take it. >> hundreds of people who were close to the bomb blast have been treated for serious hearing problems as well. some of those problems could be permanent. >> 7:43. executives of a company are sad and appalled by a link between one of their
products and the bombings. makes a battery that may have been used in one of those bombs. the company has sold tens of thousands of these subc sized batteries in the past year. use the mostly in remote controlled toy cars. >> to see used in such a horrific way was terrible. >> tanergy has contacted the fbi to see if they can help. the batteries have individual serial numbers but used to track production, not where they are sold or who bought them. >> we want to check in on stocks this morning. take you live to the new york stock exchange. dow is down 47 points to 14,571. the nasdaq and s&p 500 are down. also we have some good news.
strong earnings from pepsi and verizon. some of the other big companies. one stock we are keeping an eye on is apple. and i just want to pull up the very latest quote on that. apple stock is down $8.5 a share. about 2%. it's now below 400 $400 a share. $394 is where that is. apple stock down 42% from all time high of $705 last september. one money manager says apple could fall into the 300s in the coming weeks. it is now at $394 right now. we'll keep an eye on apple stock. oakland is proposing a budget for the next two fiscal years that calls for spending. the budget proposal also includes two more police academies. however, the city will still need to eliminate 80 positions. the deadline for a new budget is june 30th. the public will be able to weigh in
before that deadline. >> time now 7:45. firefighters are investigating an overnight fire that gutted a house in san leandro. started on deal avenue and dowling boulevard. no one was living there. neighbors made sure people living nearby got away safely. >> everybody called from one house to the next. and couple people knocked on everybody's doors. we all kind of let everybody know and alerted. >> luckily no one was hurt fighting that fire. >> the family of audry pot has filed a claim against a school district asking why the teenager is accused ofexually assaulting their daughter were not expelled. two of the students were removed from the football team. the school district says quote, school districts cannot expend or excel someone on behavior outside of
school. the family says a photo of the assault was being shared by students and caused their daughter to commit suicide. >> if the result pz of that assault are videotaped or photographed and somehow those photographs are being disseminated on a school campus about a student at that school, that's clearly has to do with the school. >> the pott family says the school district failed to document a meeting they had about bullying several months before her death. the school district says bullying was not discussed at that meeting. a candle light vigil will be held this friday 8:00 p.m. at saratoga high school. >> the fbi has arrested a mississippi man accused of mailing letters laced with ricin. the letter addressed to the president was intercepted at a mail sorting facility in maryland. the two other letters were traced to the same man. a sheriff in mississippi says
there is a clear link between all three letters. >> there are great consistencies and similarities to the two letters and the information we received from the federal people that senator and president obama received. >> now, reportedly the mississippi man accused of mailing the letters wrote online about a government conspiracy to ruin his reputation. this morning in san francisco, there's an opportunity for veterans to get free cell phones. the outreach event takes place at 10:30 this morning at the mission veterans residents. 2524 mission street. veterans will receive free cell phones. >> time now 7:48. investigators say the vandalism of a pg&e substation two days ago, it was part of a coordinated act of sabotage. sheriff's deputies say someone fired shots from a high powered rifle at a substation in south san jose early tuesday.
they also cut through a nearby at&t fiberoptic line knocking out some 911 service and causing problems for businesses in the area. >> it basically meant they couldn't operate for an entire business day which was detrimental to them and us. >> so far police say they don't have any suspects but at&t is offering $250,000 reward in that case. >> police in southern california found 7 exotic snakes in the town of torrance. these snakes were found in a park. 6 of them were alive. one of them was dead. they also found a snake carrier which leads them to believe those snakes had been pets. they are not poisonous or a danger to humans but attack and eat small pets. a bizarre situation led to a stand off in southern
california.poce spotted a reckless driver in malibu. started tailing the man. he stopped his car. got out, faced the police. he walked towards them waving his arms and dancing. he was eventually as you see here wrestled to the ground and then arrested. >> we've been talking about the bad weather in chicago. happening right now heavy rain has opened up a large sink hole. want to show you new video. take a look at that. this is this morning on the southeast side of the city. you can see two cars in that hole and there those the third car. one man in one of those cars when that road buckled, he was taken to the hospital. he is being treated. we understand for minor injuries. but look at that video as the car goes in. reports of roads being closed of course around that area. some cars under water because of flooding. but this is in
chicago. just happened this morning. >> i don't think i've seen anything quite like that. >> i have not. that's scary and for the houses nearby as well. >> 7:50. there's a new machine to convince people to get out of their cars and get on bikes in san francisco. and it's going to stand more than 7 feet tall. >> also we're going to tell you how cruise line is doing damage control after that embarrassing incident out on the high seas.
welcome back to mornings on 2. that cruise ship that sank off the coast of italy, now the inspiration for a movie musical. partially sank off the coast in january last year. 32 died. but filmmakers say the musical will be done tastefully and loosely based on the
tragedy. the movie will be a romantic comedy about a group of people stranded on an island. carnival cruise line says they will spend millions of dollars. all 24 of ships will get a big boost to emergency power capabilities and new fire safety technology. that announcement comes two months after that engine room fire knocked out power on the carnival triumph. could not provide air conditions, lighting or plumbing functions. another airline preparing to put dream liners back in service. the boeings 787 have been grounded since january after problems with the lithium ion batteries. now the head of the airline says it expects faa approval to put dream liners back in service. united airlines have put 787 back on the flight schedule for june. no dream liners can fly until
the faa approves the system. >> time now 7:54. within the next month a bicycle beromiter will be installed on market street. all to encourage more people to ride their bikes. installed on the south side of market street between 9th and 10th street. it's going to be 7.5 feet tall. it will be able to show you the number of bicycles that go by. >> i can't ride to work unfortunately. >> a little early. >> 2:30 in the morning. but i do ride my bike when i can. a little beach cruiser . >> i know you do. this morning we have a bunch of slow traffic. i want to mention 5:80 is still a mess. you are wondering why. we had an earlier truck accident. news chopper 2 did take these pictures. it has since been towed away. the two left lanes were the only three open. the traffic is a huge mess coming out of the pass for
miles and miles heading west. you can see some of these pictures. unfortunately remains that way. take a look at a live picture. now down to 20 minute delay. we've seen traffic and talked about that crash. 880 traffic southbound. it's busier heading out to the peninsula. let's go to steve. >> thank you. clear skies not much in way of breeze. occasionally breezy. higher elevations but much quieter. i can tell it's windy when i look out and see the palm trees. the fog up on the coast. wind has turned a little more northwesterly for some. southerly for others. sunshine. nice by the coast . much much cooler this morning than yesterday. we saw a decrease in the wind. starting to rebound off temps now. 40s and 50s. 5 to 10 degree
s cooler. the main culprit is things are relaxing. >> all right, steve. sunny and warmer. >> good . >> time now 7:56. the president, first lady , they are now in boston. the ceremony they will be attending in just a couple minutes. >> we are getting new information and new pictures from the scene of that explosion in texas. what we know about rescue efforts and reports of lewding. >> reporter: we're live in san francisco. it started off a little rough this morning. we'll tell you about a bomb scare that happened at 3:00 in the morning. mornings on 2 continues.
welcome back to mornings on 2. i'm pam cook. >> and i'm dave clark. a frantic search goes on in texas for the victims of fertilizer plant. rescue teams are hoping to find people still alive. they have not yet reached a point of no return. the factory is in the tiny community of west, texas. population, 2800. claudine wong in our news room more on this
on-going search. >> reporter: we are expecting a news conference any minute where we are hoping to get new information and new numbers about those rescue efforts and if they've been able to find anyone out there. we have new pictures we'd like to show you of what it looks like out there. that has been something we've been waiting for. you can see smoke still rising from that plant. and around that area, there's not much. there are homes within five blocks of that area. and we know the damage is significant. the latest numbers we have gotten still have 5 to 15 estimated dead. >> you okay? >> i can't hear. i can't hear. get out of here . please get out of here. >> this is cell phone video taken by just one of the people
who thought they heard about the fire and thought they could go and watch it. they were wrong. it was very dangerous out there. injuries and damage just five blocks away from that site. about what the government is now doing to help. >> as of right now the faa has issued a temporary flight restriction over the area. the texas commission on environmental quality is providing air monitor handwriting and technical assistance. the texas task force one has been alerted to provide structural collapse report. the union pacific railroad has halted freight service and turned off utility service in the area including gas and electricity. >> all that is happening so they can get a handle on the situation out there. the recovery when you talk about the significance of the damage out there is likely going to be long and really at this point the priority is just on the rescue of anyone who might still be
trapped out there or injured. we've been waiting to hear about the progress of those search and rescue efforts. this is what police said about it over an hour ago. >> i don't know how many folks may still be trapped in rubble. they have not been able to give me much more on the damage other than to say that there is a significant area around the fertilizer plant that has been destroyed. homes have been destroyed. there are homes flattened. part of that community is gone. >> when you talk about the size of the community, this is a town of 2800 people. the impact on this tiny town, significant. in another disturbing development, we have heard this morning from police there have been lewding in that area. they have seen people going through that neighborhood. in addition to safety concerns about the rubble and fire, you now have to worry about that. waiting for that press conference. we're going to monitor that and keep you
updated. reporting live, claudine wong, ktvu, channel 2 news. >> a few more details about that texas company. it was cited in 2006 for a permit violation. the texas commission found the company did not obtain or did not qualify for permit. agency records show someone complained because of an ammonia smell. stay right here for continuing coverage of that texas fertilizer plant explosion. more updates for you throughout this hour. you can find a slide show of the fire and explosion on channel 2 web site new this morning san francisco is marking the 107th anniversary of the 1906 earthquake. tara joining us live to tell us how a suspicious device just hours ago forced one event to be moved. >> reporter: this has been a
chaotic morning to say the very least. the remembrance ceremony for the 1906 ceremony was moved because of a bomb scare. now, three hours later, things are back on track. and you can see this fire hydrant here has been painted gold and the ceremonies continue. at 3:00 this morning, security guards found a suspicious bag. and this is where the sirens are supposed to ring every year at 5:11 in the morning symbolizing the exact time when the quake hit. the bomb squad was brought in to inspect the bag and cordoned off four city blocks. we don't know what was inside the bag but whatever it was was not dangerous. and then an hour later the police chief put the wreath on top of the fountain. folks gathered at the fire hydrant. the only hydrant in the city that was working when the 1906 quake struck.
>> if you know of any history of san francisco, first thing that comes to your mind is wow the earthquake april 18th. that was major. absolutely major. and for san francisco to come back as strong as they did as early on as they did, it's just amazing. >> ed archur owns this mobile. he and his friends dressed up and came to honor the victims and survivors of the quake. part of the tradition is for the fire chief to spray paint the hydrant gold which saved the city that went up in flames after the quake struck. and right now everyone is continuing the ceremony at the huntington hotel. so everything as we mentioned back on track this morning. ktvu, channel 2 news. >> also new this morning, could be a few days before trash gets picked up in san jose. today and tomorrow union workers with
republic service will be on a strike. they are striking sanitation works in youngs town, ohio. trash pick up may be delayed or not happen at all today and tomorrow. >> all right. 8:05. let's go back to sal . you've earned every dollar today. you are following something right now, aren't you? >> i am. joe johnson who works closely with them tells me there's a problem on 101. we did have a crash southbound 101 at candle stick. at the end of the report we're going to look at 101. first, let's go to the line up here. westbound bay bridge. that is backed up for 15 to 20 minute delay. no major problems as you drive-thru. the traffic is going to be busy. it's pretty typical. now, the traffic on 880 northbound is getting busier heading on up. and driving the other way from hayward to union city. i have
to mention that 580 dumbing through the valley is a horrible mess. 580 westbound at 680. that truck accident has been cleared. more than a two hour delay from the pass to 680. that's the worse i've seen it in a long long time. i don't think i've ever seen it worse. now that 101 southbound in san francisco, there's a crash near candlestick. i didn't think it was going to get this bad. don't use 101 freeway. use 280 instead. if you want to get to the south of town, don't use 101. use the 280 extension. let's go to steve. >> thank you, sal. very good morning. a much less windy morning as well. plus a cooler morning. looks like the wind is finally starting to move out of the picture after a couple really blustery windy days. things are still on the hills and coast 15 to 20. but at the surface, much much lighter. very cold ocean temps and fog
playing into. but inland temps maybe even the coast coming up. a powerful. these are all tornado warnings in the red for kentucky, indiana, ohio and arkansas. this is extremely cold front. look on the backside, 60s, 70s and 30s and even teens to 20s in denver. this is stretching from the great lakes to the deep south. flight delays heading towards memphis and st. louis and chicago. that temperature will start to plunge later. much cooler lows this morning. 59 degrees. other locations we're in the 40s today. depends on the wind directions. seeing an easterly or southeasterly oakland also san jose and fairfield. northwest santa rosa and napa. not nearly as strong. 20s in the mountain s. 40s and 50s to everyone else. and 60s down to southern california.
that cooler air is in place. take a little while to modify. sunny and warmer. a cooler morning. there's a little bit of a northerly breeze or easterly breeze. things team to be turning. upper 60s and low 70s. kind of easing into this. our forecast tools that we use have been way over shooting some of the forecast highs. patchy fog friday saturday and does look warmer sunday/monday. >> 8:08 is the time. we want to go back out to texas this morning. there is a press conference going on. let's listen in. >> my duties to two trust worthy bps county parts and introduce them to you. they will have a little bit to say to you when we get to that point. i feel confident in knowing they will be here for you today. they are not going anywhere. we are taking our van back with us when we go. so they will change offices a little bit. but they will be here and remain for you.
at last contact i had with the deputy working this on the outer perimeter of the fertilizer plant, i was made aware, they are still in the search and rescue process. his comment to me was they are continuing to do that. it is a very slow, mythodical search and using every resource they have and don't miss anything or anybody. in talking to frank paterson who is with our emergency management services out in waco. he has confirmed some of the same issues with me. and they are this: at this point they are in the continuation mode of search and rescue. which to me, means they are still going out looking for survivors of the blast from
last evening. they have state and federal resources with them. they actually have teams of search parties, the texas task force numbers 1 and 2. those of you that are not familiar with that, it's a federal group that that is their job is to go out and do search and rescue in these types of environments as we had last night. they are also assisted by the fire department heavy rescue. in the ford hood search and rescue group. i would assume there are probably others i don't have names to and i don't mean to leave anybody out. but, again, limited information coming from them because they have higher priorities in saving lives than passing information along to me. i can tell you that some of the areas they are searching, they are having to shore up before they are allowed to go
into those homes. one of those is an apartment complex. when i use the term shore up, it means they are using heavy rescue, the search and rescue groups. the task force teams to actually reinforce some of the structures before they can safety enter that. once they get a structure secure , then and only then are they being allowed to go in and search. it is tedious and time consuming. it is mythodical process. rescue and save lives. the number two priority is to make sure there are no further injuries and nobody else gets hurt. that process is on going and being used to delayer houses clear. as houses, homes, businesses, apartments are cleared, they are getting
markings on there. some of you asked me what the indications of the markings are. they are not telling me. they know what those individual markings mean. that's for their information so they know when they go back what they found. the house is clear. maybe what they found inside the home, et cetera. >> all right. welcome back. this is mornings on 2. what you are listening in to live right now is this press conference in west, texas. that small town suffering a huge loss after yesterday's fire and explosion. he's detailing the search and rescue operation that he says is slow and tedious underway right now. he talked about an apartment building is one of the places they are trying to secure to make sure it stays before search and rescue workers can go in and hopefully find people who can be rescued at this point. we know it's a four block area roughly 60 homes including apartment buildings that was
flattened. claudine is monitoring this situation and she's going to have an update at 8:45. >> 8:13. still ahead. gun control supporters. what happened moments after that vote. >> plus, new information we just learned about today's court hearing for the suspect in the sierra lamar case.
cooler this morning.
but tailed off. a little haze around the edges. that's what i'm trying to say. warmer today. temperatures in the 60s and also the 70s but not nearly as windy. there is a line and one powerful front moving across the country. severe weather for the midwest. flash flood warnings issued for johnson county, iowa. people already filling sand bags to protect their property. roads in the area closed because of the rising water. chicago had the sink holes. the weather service predicting 3 to 4 inches of rain. and backside of that really cold and severe weather moving in tornadoes to the deep south. >> thank you, steve. 8:17 is the time. oakland police are releasing new details about the motive about the shooting death of off duty paramedic two weeks ago. shot and killed in an attempted carjacking on april 2nd in the oakland hills. five teenagers 16 and under have been arrested and police say that the
teens attacked boyer for fun. yesterday, three of the suspects were in court for a detention hearing. they will be back in court on june 4th. gun control supporters are expressing outrage of new legislation aimed at reducing gun violence. someone in the senate gallery shouted the displeasure when vice president joe biden read the results of the road. >> the order in the senate. the gallery will refrain from any demonstration. >> several family members were there in the senate gallery for the vote. later, they joined president obama and gabby giffords at the white house. >> we'll return home now. disappointed but not defeated . we return home with a determination that change will happen. maybe not today, but it will happen. it will happen soon. >> president obama called it a quote shameful day for washington.
former congress woman gabby giffords writes in the new york times this morning that she's furious with the senators who opposed the new gun regulations. >> we have new information about the court appearance involving the man accused of kidnapping and killing sierra lamar. we found out torres waived his right to appear in court today. his lawyers will be at today's hearing. supposed to enter a plea two weeks ago. but the hearing was postponed because of technical problems of digital copies of evidence. 15-year-old sierra lamar was last seen more than a year ago. now we have surveillance video that oakland police shows a suspected child molester near the scene of a crime. come from cameras in the area of 10th and oak streets. police say the man gained entry into an apartment on saturday saying he was a repair man and molested a 7 year
old girl. police say the girl screamed. a family member into the room and that man ran away. the suspected described as a white man. he had paint splatters on his clothing and said to be in early to mid 50s about 6 feet tall. brown hair and white beard. $10,000 reward is being offered this morning to help find a missing man from hayward. the disappearance of nigel jay is suspicious and he may be the victim of foul play. he was last seen in downtown oakland 11 days ago. his cell phone has not been used and no activity on his bank account. his rental car was found in east oakland a couple days after he was last seen. >> 8:20 is the time right now. surveillance video has been a key part of the boston bombing investigation. why experts say cell phone video is more helpful than surveillance video. >> this is what your weather
looks like. a lot of sunshine around the bay area this morning. meteorologist steve coming back and tell you. >> goodly morning. traffic is going to be busy this morning if you are driving through the 237 corridor. we'll tell you more about the morning commute and bay area weather. look at them kids. [ sigh ]
they have no idea what it was like before u-verse high speed internet. yeah, you couldn't just stream movies to a device like that. one time, i had to wait half a day to watch a movie. you watched movies?! i was lucky if i could watch a show. show?! man, i was happy to see a sneezing panda clip! trevor, have you eaten today? you sound a little grumpy. [ laughter ] [ male announcer ] connect all your wi-fi-enabled devices with u-verse high speed internet. rethink possible. welcome back. a big part of the investigation into the boston marathon bombing is
analyzing surveillance and cell phone video. we talked to forensic experts to see what investigators may be looking for. they say even if the video images are not clear, high tech software can actually help them identify a suspect. they can ways to figure out the suspect's height. but cell phone video is more likely to lead to a suspect than surveillance video. >> some of the problems with surveillance video is they capture the incident which is far away. but somebody who has a cell phone of the incident, they are relatively close. >> there are updates continually coming in and coming up in just about five minutes we're going to have an update on the bombing investigation. >> sal has the updates on the community. >> northbound and southbound 101 does look good. southbound is improving after earlier accident and down near candlestick is still slow.
i would still recommend using 280 if you are heading to the south part of the city. let's take a look at the commute at the toll plaza. it's improved a little bit. 15 to 20 minute delay. we have slow traffic because of a much earlier accident. out there for two hours blocking lanes at the dublin inter change westbound. the accident has been cleared for about an hour. it's really really slow as you drive from livermore. 8:25 let's go to steve. >> clear skies here. lots of sunshine. rather cool this morning. decrease in the breeze. the trees, the flags. palm trees all been having a hard time with that wind. things look a lot quieter today. 40s and 50s. i think somebody is wrong. calm conditions. no way should be 59 . otherwise 40s and 50s. we ran about much
cooler 5 to 10 degrees when it was window out of the north. still a decent breeze in the higher elevations on the coast. things have calmed down. sunny and warmer. 50s will give way to 60s. and easing into some of this warmup. didn't want to show you two pages but will show it to you now. 70s inland. 60s to low 70 s. you can see that system coming up in about ten minutes. >> time now 8:26. what we've been talking about all day. unforgettable pictures and sounds of a disaster captured on a cell phone. >> the dangerous and desperate search going on right now for survivors of that deadly fire and explosion in texas. >> reporter: we're live in san jose where thousands of hockey fans will come to the hp pavilion tonight. what police plan on doing here because of the boston bombings.
>> and we're live in concord where it's being described as a smash and grab robbery here at the sun valley mall. what the thieves got away with and the information from police to help catch them as mornings on 2 continues.
welcome back. time now 8:29. we're following what could be a major break in the boston marathon bombing case. circulating photos of two men with backpacks. they were spotted near the finish line on monday. also a boston tv station obtained these other pictures of a man running away from one of the bombsights.
his clothing ripped. others seem to be dazed and slow to react, he is moving quickly. however, there still have been no arrests so far. and we're looking live at boston. we're in a church service right now. president obama first lady michelle obama are there sitting among the church leaders and the people gathered for this prayer service. for those injured and killed in the boston marathon bombings. this service is happening right now. this is live pictures and you see what we see. coming up for you at 8:47. the federal response to the boston marathon bombings. meantime, organizers of the oakland running festival are putting together a special run tomorrow. in honor of the bombing victims. that route will be three miles long. one mile for each victim killed. begins at 7:30 in the evening on
college avenue. going to end at snow park with a candle light vigil. you are being asked to wear blue or yellow. those are the colors of the boston marathon. >> the bombings have led to extra security across the country particularly at sporting events. and that includes here in the bay area. talking about security for tonight's shark's game. >> the flags are flying here in front of the hp pavilion to honor the victims. fans will see that tonight when they take on the minnesota mild. they will see tightened security. no one we spoke to this morning think the police are over reacting. there will be an increase in the number of san jose police officers inside and outside the arena. looking for suspicious activity. the department's k-9 unit will be doing a bomb sweep prior to the game.
these aren't related to any specific threat. authorities say they are taking precautionary measures because of the bombings in boston. even if there is not a specific threat to san jose, he thinks increased patrols are warranted. >> makes me feel better that they are responding to the situation. but at the same time, when you have that kind of increased security, people get more worried as well. they see all the police and don't think i'm safe, they think there might be a situation. it's a double-edged sword. >> reporter: police are continuing to monitor the events in boston as well as in santa clara county. taken steps to ensure the city's 911 system remains operational. patrol officers have been directed to do patrol checks on critical infrastructure and look for suspicious activity. we have reached out again to shark's management to get a reaction from them. and put in calls to the hp pavilion. so far not
received calls back. reporting live, ktvu channel 2 news. >> security was also tight at candlestick park for a soccer match. san francisco police patrolled a game last night in the wake of the bombings. no major problems were reported. by the way, the game ended in a score less tie. on saturday afternoon, the warriors will play their first nba playoff game in 6 years. the city of oakland will hold a rally today. oakland mayor will lead a celebration at 10:00 this morning at city center plaza. banners with the slogan oakland is warrior's ground. made this three point shot to set the single season three point record made 272 three pointers this season. the old record 269. head coach gave
this compliment. quote, he's not afraid when the lights are brightest. >> big game too. 8:33. we're talking about a brazen robbery happened at an east bay mall. brian flores joining us live to tell us what these thieves got away with after smashing through a county at the sun valley mall. >> reporter: that's right, dave. unfortunately we have not received updates about this smash and grab robbery here at the mall. we have some details and we understand that several pieces of jewelry were taken from the macy's store here. this happened after 9:00 last night. concord police originally responded after hearing reports of shots fired. saw broken jewelry cases in the store. it's unclear how much jewelry was taken. don't have a clear description of the suspects. only that there were three men wearing jackets or hoods on their heads. they also
took off in a tan toyota camry which police say was later found. the three criminals may have ditched the camry and got picked up by another car but police don't have a description of that second vehicle. one man had a handgun but no shots were fired. this is not the only time the sun valley mall and that macy's has been targeted. we reported back in december just before christmas of an incident of a woman who was robbed near the parking lot of the women's macy's store. he's fed up with the rob rees. >> people stealing iphones. so you see stuff like this all the time and it's getting worse and worse. it's just not right. we need to get back to center. >> reporter: back to last night's incident, they last saw the men head north and the car was ditched near ruth drive and baylor lane. we have calls into concord police. we have yet to hear back.
if that changes, we'll have the very latest information on as well as ktvu news at noon. brian flores, ktvu channel 2 news. >> 8:35. check back in with sal. i know you've been watching a situation in dublin areas. is that getting better? >> a little bit. it's kind of like saying would you rather freeze or burn to death? sorry to use that terrible analogy. >> hopefully you can stay home. >> it's terrible. i apologize if i offended you with that one. it's terrible. really bad. let's talk about the commute between the pass and livermore. we had someone tweet that said took her two and a half hours, that's right two and a half hours to drive what normally takes 45 minutes to drive. that is something. if you can avoid the drive there, please do. you are doing yourself a favor. we'll be watching it. we've been watching it all morning.
this is because of an earlier truck accident that is now clear. the morning commute is okay on 880 northbound. traffic is busy. not a big problem spot but it's slow. if you are driving to the bay bridge toll plaza it is slow there. 8:36. let's go to steve . >> thank you, sir. clear skies. beautiful , calm. did he say calm? things are really calming. it's been really windy not only last week but this week. things are much quieter this morning. a little bit of fog is going to playback. water temps are very cold. 46 to 48 degrees. wouldn't take much in the way of warm weather in the valley. nationally a big system. powerful cold front stretching from the northern great lakes all the way down to texas and the gulf coast. those are tornado warnings. on the backside, it's snowing and really cold. teens for temps in denver this morning. now pushing towards memphis and deep
south. that will light up big time for most of the day. look at the line going through chicago. minneapolis looking at snow. very active week. green bay, detroit, chicago . much quiet her here. a little cooler this morning. 40s and 50s on the temps. starting to bounce off the morning lows. the wind is easterly component or southeast. but the speeds are way way down. 20s up in tahoe. 40s 50s elsewhere. this is a really cool system that came by. and that cold air is in place. it will be sunny and warmer after a cooler morning. rather brisk. northerly breeze for some. more of an easterly breeze means 60s and 7 #0z. temperatures will rebound slightly average. keep it there for a couple days. hint of fog coming by friday, saturday.
there is rebound sunday, monday. >> time is 8:38. president obama is in boston. he's at a prayer service for the boston marathon bombings. who the president will meet today after this prayer service. >> new information from the scene of a deadly fertilizer plant. what authorities are saying about the dangers facing the crews out there.
welcome back to mornings on 2. time now 8:41. taking live to the big board. new york stock exchange . dow jones down. 52 points. that's about 0.3%. nasdaq, s&p down about a third of a percent as well. a mixed picture this morning on economic news as well as corporate news. apple stock by the way we've been telling you below the $400 mark. more room to call. the number of american s filing for unemployment benefits increased by 4,000. that's also affecting the markets this morning. it did put the total number of claims at 352,000 last week. the slight gain kept applications at a level consistent with continuing hiring. could suggest that
march's week job market is only temporary. >> 8:42. news conference about that deadly fertilizer plant. >> several firefighters are still missing. 15 hours later. investigators still don't know what caused this explosion. >> very latest of what we're hearing coming out of texas. >> we have new information as the search and rescue efforts continue. those efforts described minutes ago at the press conference as tedious time consuming and methodical. want to show you this video from the scene. see the smoke rising from the plant and a lot of trees surrounding that area. those are the neighborhoods where people live. this is a small town. 2800 people. temperatures are dropping this morning. it is raining there.
and damage is significant . it's easier to understand why. >> that was cell phone video taken of the blast. that happened 24 minutes after the first fire calls. the damage radius five blocks into neighborhoods. estimates put the number of dead at 5 to 15. the injured estimated at 160 plus. police say that number is growing. rescue is the priority. but it hasn't been easy. >> i can tell you some of the areas they are searching are having to shore up before they are allowed to go in to those homes. one of those is an apartment complex. when i used the term shore up, it means they are using the heavy rescue, the search and rescue groups. the task force teams to actually
reinforce some of the structures before they can safely enter that. >> still missing a group of volunteer firefighters fighting the fire when that blast happened. this morning, police say those firefighters new the dangers and put every else's safety in front of their own. >> those firefighters knew what they were going into. they are there to save lives and did without a doubt. several of them have lost their lives in doing so. i would never heine sight or second guess what they did risking their lives. >> they are considered heroes as are the teams now risking their lives in on-going rescue efforts. moving any faster would risk the safety of more people. those efforts continue. we should mention at this press conference talk about lewding we reported earlier. those officers now say lewding is not ram pent in that neighborhood. otherwise, they say the area is security.
ktvu, channel 2 news. >> there are new details coming out about that texas company. west fertilizer. it was cited in 2006 for a permit violation. the texas commission on environmental quality found the company failed to obtain or qualify for a permit. agency records show someone had lodged a complaint against the plant. but because of an ammonia smell. stay with us for continuing coverage of the texas explosion and the search. more updates throughout this hour and slide show of the fire and explosion and more information any time of day on >> time is now 8:46. let's bring you up to date on the other top stories we're following for you. market street in san francisco slowly getting back to normal after being shut down hours ago because of a suspicious package. that discovery forced city officials to move a ceremony marking the 107th anniversary of
the 1906 earthquake to union square. the ceremony was set to be held on market street. >> we are still following what could be a major break in that boston marathon bombing case. law enforcement agencies are circulating photos of two men with backpacks. spotted near the finish line on monday. also a boston tv station obtained other pictures of a man running away from one of the bomb sites. president obama is right there in boston at a prayer service to honor the victims of monday's marathon bombing. in our washington d.c. news room with more on the president's schedule today. >> reporter: hi, dave. the president will be making remarks any moment at that service. he was briefed earlier this morning by national security advisors about the on-going investigation. live look at the
holy cross cathedral. this prayer service comes hours after president obama declared a state of emergency for massachusetts. that frees up more money from the department of homeland security. and the federal emergency management agency so they can better coordinate disaster relief efforts. told reporters on air force one this morning, the president will be able to meet with family members of victims injured or killed on monday. the president also plans to meet with first responders who jumped into action. ktvu channel 2 news. >> and ktvu reporter patty lee is also in boston this morning covering the president and first lady. live reported tonight at 5:00 and 6:00. >> new this morning an official
says lab test confirms a letter did contain the poison. arrested a mississippi man accused of mailing that letter to president obama and to a judge. the letter addressed to president obama was intercepted in maryland. the two other letters were traced to that same man. a sheriff in mississippi says there is a clear connection between all three letters. >> there are great consistencies and similarities to the two letters and the information we received from the federal people that senator and president obama received. >> the mississippi man accused of mailing the letters wrote online about a government conspiracy to ruin his reputation. >> new this morning, north korea is laying out new demands in order to resume talks about nuclear program. in a statement the north korea government is calling for the lifting of un
sanks and the end of military drills. in addition, it says the u.s. and south korea should apologize for what the north is calling provocative acts. calls the demands from north korea illogical. >> a federal judge says wrong full death and liability lawsuits can proceed against the company that owns the colorado movie theater where 12 people were shot to death last summer. that judge rules cinemark could potentially be held liable that holds land owners responsible for activities on property. several lawsuits have been filed against the company over the july 20th mass shooting. the lawsuits claim they were aware of previous crimes at the theater and failed to provide adequate security. 46-year-old kim williams is facing capitol murder charges in the deaths of a texas district
attorney, his wife and assistant prosecute for. the wife of a former texas justice of the peace. she implicated her husband calling him the trigger man. her bail is set at $10 million. >> 8:50. we're getting more information about a fatal officer involved shooting. happened about 9:40 last night on daharo street. police responded to a home after a man called 911 and said he stabbed his brother in law. they were forced to open fire. >> he came at the officers with a hammer raised. he did not comply with commands and the officers defended themselves. >> that suspect later died at the hospital. the man who was stabbed is still in serious condition. former rap and reality tv star flavor flav has a scheduling conflict. he is
supposed to be in a courtroom on felony charges. he's accused of chasing his girlfriend's son with a butcher knife. but at the same time, his rap group public enemy is being inducted into the rock and roll hall of fame. his lawyers still trying to workout a different court date. >> firefighters are investigating an overnight fire that gutted a home in san leandro. started after 11:00 on deal avenue. firefighters say the home was being remodeled so no one was living there at the time. neighbors did make sure people living nearby got out safely. everybody called from one house to the next and a couple people knocked on everybody's doors. we let everybody know and alerted. >> no one was hurt fighting that fire. >> all right. time now is 8:52. one of the wildest stories we talked about today. stunning pictures from chicago. the bizarre weather that caused that
sinkhole. swallowed up three cars. >> good morning. northbound 280 traffic getting off highway 17. the morning commute looks good. tell you more about the drive to work. ♪ ♪ if loving you is wrong ♪ i don't wanna be right [ record scratch ] what?! it's not bad for you. it just tastes that way. [ female announcer ] honey nut cheerios cereal -- heart-healthy, whole grain oats. you can't go wrong loving it. bee happy. bee healthy. with clusters of flakes and o's. oh, ho ho... it's the honey sweetness. i...i mean,
time now 8:55. happening now. heavy rain causing massive flooding in chicago. want to show you this. the weather so
bad caused this sinkhole. three cars were swallowed up. one person suffered minor injuries. this is incredible. the national weather service issued flash flood watches and warnings all over the chicago area. could get more than half a foot of rain. parts of northern illinois have already been declared disaster areas. back here at home some san francisco supervisors are joining with teachers and students trying to save city college of san francisco. >> i know city college offers opportunities to the diverse and working class communities in san francisco that wouldn't have those communities otherwise. >> san francisco supervisors have come up with a resolution to ensure all the money from proposition a be used to restore cuts to classes and student services at ccsf. the group is asking the board of supervisors to pass that resolution in a vote scheduled next tuesday. >> sal is covering traffic of
course and a very difficult situation continues on 580. >> going to take a while for this to unwind. earlier truck accident that blocked several of the lanes for more than 2 hours. 580 able to get better. more than an hour to get to 680. it is improving. let's go to the bay bridge toll plaza. that is improved as well. 10 minute delay once you get on to the bridge. it does look good into san francisco. no giant's game today. the giants come back tomorrow for evening game tomorrow night. and this morning's commute in san francisco speaking of the traffic. southbound 101 busy and slow. because of an earlier crash near candlestick park. the crash is clear. however, 280 is recommended through the area. let's go to steve. >> lots of sunshine. not nearly as windy today or breezy the last couple days. things need to calm down a little bit. cooler this morning. sunny, nice.
a little warmer. some fog might creep back. maybe a little workmen's comp ttle warmup. very quiet here. >> pam only stays one time this morning while on the -- pam only sneezed one time this morning while on the air. >> it's going up. >> even though the winds are dying down? >> yeah. the winds stir everything up and the grass and heat will bring some of that. >> all right, steve. that's our report for this morning. we thank you for trusting ktvu channel 2 news and see you the next time news breaks. >> watch the ktvu channel 2 news at noon. more on today's rally for the warriors. thanks for watching.